Membership Tiers

Maybe Drinks? offers two forms of membership: Standard and Top Shelf.

Standard features:

1. Send System Generated Quick Messages

2. Send drinks to users

3. Take 25 shots a day

4. View Received Shots

5. Receive notification of new messages

6. See Mutual Attractions

Become a Top Shelf Member
Gain unlimited access to all our premium features by upgrading your membership to Top Shelf. 
Top Shelf features:

1. Unlimited Messages

2. Video Dating

3. Date Planner

4. Unlimited swipes in Shots

5. Play Matchmaker for a Friend

6. Ask Friends for Date Suggestions

7. Get Outfit Feedback from Friends

8. Share Profiles with Friends

9. Profile Boosts in Qualified Search Results

10. Featured in YML for qualified matches

Why Maybe Drinks?

Get ready to Shoot Your Shot! Maybe Drinks?’ allows your friends to help on your dating journey through our Friend Zone feature and Matchmaker tool. Want to go it alone? Search for yourself, play a round of Shots or plan a virtual date!